Mattioli Pulse III Q Fractional IPL

Q-fractional is the New proprietary and patented technology for Fractional non ablative skin bio rejuvenation, which allows the elimination signs of photo toxic and aging factors on the skin, in a faster and safer way compared to traditional IPL devices.

Q-fractional is formed by a 560-960 nm pulsed light source via a filter which allows the fractional emission of the light energy through 0.3mm diameter light points.

The emitted light is absorbed by the tissue and once converted into heat, provokes a, minimal, controlled lesion (selective photothermolysis).

It creates, onto the upper part of the derma, micro areas of damage surrounded by healthy tissue. As a result a natural and quicker healing process is stimulated, due to the area of skin having imperfections being replaced, in a relatively short period of time, by new and healthy skin.

Q Fractional Applications

Effectively treats rosacea symptoms such as: Redness,Flushing,Swelling

Skin Rejuvenation

Age spots and stains Improves sun damaged skin Improves mild acne

Teleangectasie, veins and capillaries


Avoid sun exposure before and after the treatment. Keep the treated area as clean and as dry as possible. Do not pick at any blisters that form in order to minimise the risk of scarring.

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