Mattioli Microdermabrasion

The Ultrapeel II microdermabrasion system represents the most innovative and technologically advanced medical microdermabrasion systems suitable for Dermatologists, Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeons, Medical Doctors and Aestheticians.

The Ultrapeel II allows the user to perform a large range of treatments in a completely safe, hygienic and sterile environment with corundum crystal saving, completely avoiding any risk of cross contamination.

The corundum crystals exfoliate the skin through the patented 45 degree V-shaped hand piece in a uniform and effective way abrading the skin in a gentle but efficient way.

The light easy to use accessories, the sterilization features and the power regulation make the Ultrapeel® II to set standards of care in the Skin treatment field for any patient and any skin condition. Ultrapeel® have been the very first microdermabrasion systems to be cleared by the FDA on December 1996. Ultrapeel® II is compatible for the Transderm® Transdermal delivery system the very first FDA cleared alternative to injection.


  • Easy to use and no clogging.
  • Inbuilt compressor.
  • Sterile disposables accessories.
  • Patented 45° V shaped light handpiece.
  • Patented disposable sealed waste bottle.
  • Patented disposable sealed and sterile clean crystals bottle.
  • Transderm® Meso® Compatible.


  • Digital crystal flow adjustment.
  • Digital pressure adjustment.
  • Digital vacuum adjustment.
  • Digital pressure monitoring.
  • In built diagnostic test.

Suitable for:

  • Facial and body peeling
  • Ageing Skin
  • Dry, oily, dull congested and blemished skins
  • Open pores and wrinkles
  • Acne
  • Scars
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Stretch mark reduction
  • General dermabrasion

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