Tattoo Removal

Tattoos can now be effectively removed in a controlled and safe way using laser technology. The beauty of tattoo removal using a Laser is that is can be done without, in most cases, breaking the skin. As a result this can often result in little or no scarring.

There are two main Lasers commercially used for Tattoo removal are either a Q-switched Nd:Yag (1064nm), which can be frequency doubled to give 532 nm or a

Q-switched Ruby laser (694mn).

Q-switched Yag lasers work faster than Ruby typically at 1-10Hz compared with 1 or 2Hz for Ruby.

However although the increased speed of the Yag may seem to be appealing, it is important to consider that generally the skin cannot deal with the heat energy generated in the at delivery speeds higher than approximately 3 Hz.

It can be noted that a tattoo treated solely with a Yag laser at a high repetition rate can leave a raised area where the tattoo was. This is caused by excessive heat put into the skin by the laser.

A Q-switched Ruby laser does not create such a potential problem, mainly due to the reduced speed of the treatment, thus the likelihood of over heating the skin is less, along with the potential of double spotting and large overlaps.

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